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This is where you can stay up to date on what i'm doing and what you'll be able to see me in next. From TV & Film to commercials to theatrical and guest appearances, this is the place to be 'In The Know' as they say. The following are upcoming TV & Film or Commercial appearances. These are productions that have completed filming and are public knowledge.


November 22nd, 2019

Dolly parton's Heartstrings on netflix

An anthology series based on Dolly's music. Each episode is set potentially in a different time period and based on a different song. I had an absolute blast working on this project, quick and short thought it may be. It's definitely me but don't blink. Where to find me you might ask? Well, I hope you watch the entire series but to give you a few hints of when and where you'll find me, I'll just say this:


Ahhh, 1963. Flashback to chasing some moonshine, unintentionally scaring children as an arresting officer, and being on the wrong end of the flash light....cinematically that is.


In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy the series and this one in particular. I'm in the "Sugar Hill" episode now streaming on Netflix. But don't blink! Patricia Wettig (City Slickers, The Langoliers) & Timothy Busfield (West Wing, Field of Dreams, Revenge of the Nerds) star as Logan and Harper. Tom Brittney (Outlander) & Virginia Gardner (Righteous Gemstones, Halloween) play Young Logan & Young Harper respectively. Enjoy!

December 4th, 2017

FOX's The Resident Premieres Jan. 21st

The new TV show The Resident has been given a premiere date. The series stars Matt Czuchry from Gilmore Girls and The Good Wife, Emily VanCamp from Revenge and Everwood, as well as Bruce Greenwood from Star Trek, i, Robot, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Tune in January 21st when the show debuts on FOX. I'll be making a brief appearance at the end of episode 7.

November 13th, 2017

The Walking Dead: Ep.804 "Some Guy" 

While I would normally give a heads up on an appearance, I'm sure you will all understand that it's I'm not going to lie to you, it was hotter than you can possibly imagine shooting this in the middle of Atlanta in June but it was totally worth it. If you're a fan of The Walking Dead you may have noticed the non-stop action that has continued in the show's return since the Season 8 premiere. You find me in Episode 4: "Some Guy" with Melissa McBride AKA 'Carol'. You can go to and watch the episode by putting in your cable provider information.

July 26, 2017

Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project: MIND|Sight

I was very fortunate to work with a great group of filmmakers on the 2017 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project, Upgrade Brigade. I am grateful to have joined this year's team, the one behind Tethers, last year's winner for Best Editing (2016 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project). The premiere for our film and this year's submission, Mind|Sight, will be Wednesday, July 26th in Atlanta at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema along with other entrants. You can preview one of the trailers for this years film below as well as watch last years submission. More info to come after the screening. You can go to the Atlanta 48 Hour Film Website below for all the info on the official rules, tickets, times, and screening days.  

MIND|Sight trailer 2

tethers - winner: Best Editing! 

2016 ATL 48 HR film project 

March 27, 2017

24: Legacy Appearance

The spinoff to the highly successful and innovative series 24 has one simple slogan: New Day. New Hero. 

    Kiefer Sutherland AKA 'Jack Bauer' may not be in this series but he does remain on as an executive producer. Corey Hawkins, TV legend Jimmy Smits, Tony Almeida, Homeland's Miranda Otto, and Oded Fehr all star in this first season of 24: Legacy. You can check out my episode, Episode 9: 8:pm-9:00pm below.

January 1, 2017

Swamp Murders: Ep. 408 "Rocky Waters"

Investigation Discovery's 4th season of the hit series Swamp Murders is now available on Amazon and VUDU. You can see me in episode 408: 'Rocky Waters' as Sergeant Kevin Pierce. I had a great time on this shoot. The cast and crew were stellar and now you too can become an #IDaddict and catch the whole series.

January 1, 2017

Gas South TV Spot

Woo-Hoo! With the Atlanta Braves moving to the new SunTrust park, My commercial spot that I did for Gas South a while back has been renewed for another year. So, if you're in Georgia you will probably see it especially during baseball season.